The Littlest Jogging Track

The Littlest Jogging Track

A year and a half since I last wrote about it, and three and a half years since I rediscovered it, I went back to the little jogging track. It seems like what's left will be left, and it also seems like the new residential area Kistahöjden is taking shape nicely.

When I started the project of photographing the little jogging track and the area, I posed this question:

[W]e'll see in a couple of years' time if I regret missing anything.

Little Jogging Track (Lilla Slingan)[a]

It's now 1322 days since I wrote that, or three years, seven months and twelve days - and I can answer the question with a "no". I don't regret missing anything. Looking back at the photos and the panoramas I took, I think I captured it quite well. I've since used the site as a scene for my favorite little camel, I've walked the parts that remain and enjoyed the golden sunlight shining down between the trees, and overall I think I've gotten a better idea of what "home" is for me.

The little jogging track, even if it is completely dug up, which it may be when the next residential area, Kista Äng[b], is built, will always be part of that "home". But it's not an exclusive idea of home. Quite the opposite. More people will experience the sunlight and the nature, and I think the little jogging track will meander its way right into their hearts as well.

Therefore I think it's appropriate to end with the following photo that I took at Kistahöjden. Maybe large parts of the track is gone, but they were replaced by people who have found a home there.

And isn't finding that special place what this is all about?