2013 Archive

2013 Archive


Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC[a]
Fun beyond words and produces images that thrusts you into the situation or envelops you in the landscape. The greatest lens I own.

Free Entry For Life to Liljevalchs[b]
My prize.

Three musicians bringing all the energy, party and dance of a Persian wedding.

Four musicians with 19 saxophones between them.

A band with roots in Iran, playing "Iranian Roots Music" - a fusion of modern rock and metal with Iranian folk music.

Egyptian Day at Kista Bazar[f]
A day in the theme of Egypt at Kista Bazar - with live music by Kairo Duo and dance by Lotten Lundgren.

Bollywood Workshop With Sunita Singh[g]
A high-energy dance workshop.

Pedram Shahlai and Kaveh Mahmoudiyan[h]
An intimate improvised concert with two talented musicians.

Kista World Music Festival 2013[i]
Four interesting days when I shot a number of performances.

Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC OS[j]
Trade 50mm at the long end for 20mm at the short, and get a lens as good as the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 for less than half the price.


Husby From High[k]
View over the rooftops of Husby from a skylift.

Planet Bigshot[l]
Creating small "planets" from VR image maps in Bigshot.

Granholmstoppen Stellarium Landscapes[m]
A Granholmstoppen landscape for Stellarium.

Hafla Layali, November 2013[n]
The "warmup" for the end-of-semester student shows.

Whose City Is It?[o]
Ma Sutic - your son has had one of his works displayed in the Museum of Modern Art.

Night Sky Over Frösundatoppen[p]
Some night time photos from Frösundatoppen.

Bee Urban[q]
Picking up some urban honey from Bee Urban and adopting some bees.

All Saints' Day[r]
Visiting the Woodland Cemetery during the All Saints' Day weekend.


Stockholm Solar House Logo Competition[s]
I won third place in the competition to design a logo for the solar-powered houses in Stockholm!

Hägernäs in HDR[t]
A sunset view from the top of the building.

KulturNatten Uppsala 2013[u]
KulturNatten ("The Night of Culture") is a yearly festival in Uppsala.

Zagreb Street Art[v]
Street art seen along the Ulica kneza Branimira going from the bus station to the train station.

Klis Fortress[w]
The Klis fortress.

Various photos from Split.

Požega War Memorial[y]
A memorial to the war dead in Požega.

Požega High School[z]
Požega high school, a supermodern high school.

This little one followed me home from Dubai.

Tekniska Högskolan Subway Station[ab]
The subway station Tekniska Högskolan ("Institute of Technology", as in Royal Institute of Technology) features artwork with a theme of elements and natural sciences.

Afternoon Tea[ac]
Afternoon tea at Stockholm Tea & Garden.

Stockholm Pride 2013[ad]
This year's pride parade.

Autumn in Ulriksdal[ae]
Autumn leaves in Ulriksdal.

Autumn in Edsbergsparken[af]
Autumn in Edsbergsparken, near Edsviken.

When I saw that Husby Gård's Konst och Förening had an Instagram-event where you'd tag your photos of Husby with #husbyhembygd, I figured I had to participate. Unfortunately, I didn't figure on the event being well over by the time I started putting up photos - but that's life, so here they are!


Zelda vs. Patriarkatet by Lina Neidestam[ah]
Blood money spends just as easily in the third installment. I can only conclude that Lina Neidestam has parked herself at the top of the ratings scale. The previous Zelda was great, and this one continues at the level established by its predecessor.

IT Startup: The Technical Parts[ai]
A lecture I held at the Summer School of Science (S3++) in Požega, Croatia.

Husbyfestivalen and Kistaloppet 2013[aj]
August 31st was a day with too many things happening in too many places for me to be able to cover them all. The result was me running between Husbyfestivalen (Husby Festival) in Husby, and Kistaloppet (The Kista Run).

Nice JNI Exceptions[ak]
How to throw nice an informational exceptions from native code.


Hafla Layali, April 2013, The Movie[al]
A video made from footage from the April hafla - finally assembled.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque[am]
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, or "The Grand Mosque" as it is called.

Desert Safari[an]
Going to the desert - a trip so nice, I did it twice!

Dubai Marina by Night[ao]
The marina seen during the blue hour and at night.


Lötsjön and Hallonbergen[ap]
Lötsjön and Hallonbergen seen from a hill overlooking Lötsjön.

Allé Service[aq]
A dying breed they are, the traditional gas stations.

The Moon Over Stockholm[ar]
The end of the supermoon of this year, seen over Stockholm's skyline from Västerbron.

Hornstull in HDR[as]
A midnight walk through Hornstull that resulted in a batch of HDR photos.


Lay Down a Stone[at]
A manifestation against violence and for a constructive debate over how to best build, not destroy, our home.

Ericsson Headquarters[au]
Ericsson's new headquarters, since they moved from Telefonplan.

Victoria Tower[av]
The Victoria Tower, the latest (but not the last) highrise to be built in Kista.

Supermoon Over Kista[aw]
The 2013 supermoon seen over Kista.

Gravity Language by Denis Darzacq[ax]
Gravity Language is photo exhibition about catching dancers in the air.

Dance Museum[ay]
A visit to a museum that's so close, I had no idea it existed.

Photos From the Night Walk[az]
A quartet of photos from the night walk.

Hägernäs Station[ba]
Evening HDR shot from Hägernäs train station.

Two Cousins On The Top Floor[bb]
View from the top of Hangarvägen 5.

...And When I Die[bc]
Getting my last will in order, just in case.

Coins for Charon[bd]
Coins left on a tombstone at St Clara Church.

Kista Bazar[be]
The best middle-eastern food in Stockholm.

Husby Riots[bf]
One person's view of the riots in Husby that spread around Stockholm in the early summer of 2013.

Parkland Walk[bg]
A linear park along an old, abandoned railway.


Minerva at Kulturernas Karneval[bh]
Minerva performs at Kulturernas Karneval

Rebaz Duo at Kulturernas Karneval[bi]
Rebaz Duo performs at Kulturernas Karneval (the Carnival of Cultures) in Uppsala.

Walpurgis Night at Husby Gård[bj]
Celebrating Walpurgis Night in Husby Gård with a big bonfire, good food and waffles.


A Day for Minorities[bk]
"A day for minorities" was arranged by the local ABF (Worker's Education Union), and I was invited.

Husby Rune Stone (U74) Close-Up[bl]
Close up of the Husby rune stone, listed as U74 in the catalogs. It was carved in the 11th century by Visäte, a well-known rune carver.

Sunset at Akalla By[bm]
Sunset at Akalla by.

C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS[bn]
C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS seen over Hästa Gård from Granholmstoppen.

Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 II[bo]
The 70-200mm f/2.8 is a professional fast telephoto zoom lens. It does what it is supposed to do, and does it well. For work in the 70-200mm range in low light, this is it.

Hafla Layali, April 2013[bp]
Another hafla at Layali.


PyCon Firings[bq]
A short comment on what happened at PyCon.

Eldfesten / Chaharshanbe Suri 2013[br]
With snow, wind and the coldest month of March in many years, what better way to celebrate the start of spring than with lots of fire?

Kista Moon[bs]
Moon over Kista. With the sky being clear, I figured I wanted a shot of it and Kista Science Tower.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX[bt]
A great addition to your lens collection if you want to produce those photos with razor-thin depth of field. Otherwise don't bother, the 18-55mm kit lens is just as good.

Ascent by Jed Mercurio[bu]
While the American hero may be an orphan, his destiny is to be number one. The Soviet hero's destiny, orphan or not, is to be number two - then die and be erased from history by the politburo. Yefgenii Yeremin, the hero of this novel, is orphaned before the plot starts, raped on page three, and by the time the book ends he has completed the expected arc.

Midsummer Madness by Akay and Spade[bv]
The second of four graffiti pieces that were considered for national heritage listing.


Parallel Exception Handling[bw]
How to handle exceptions in parallel programming.

Kerbal Space Program[bx]
What is more fun than to build your own rocket, crew it with a trio of little green men, and launch it into outer space? For us moon program nerds, this is as close to a heaven on Earth as we get in front of our computer screens.

Background I/O[by]
A useful design pattern.

Going past Fittja I ended up in Alby.

Fittja Covered in Snow[ca]
Fittja looks much better when the sun shines, but I thought that the white sky and the white ground together turned out quite nicely.

To be honest, I had never heard of this place until I went past here going to Mångkulturellt Centrum for a brunch. It has at least two points of interest, however.

Omon Ra by Victor Pelevin[cc]
A fantasic satirical story that is part comedy and part horror. Omon Ra manages to fuse scathing criticism of Soviet society and propaganda in the form of brilliant satire with a nightmarish sense of drifting between increasingly warped realities.


Black Doll[cd]
"Disney removes racist dolls, racists angry" - that could be a summary of the latest storm in the Swedish teacup. Thoughts on how to deal with artifacts from our less-than-clean past.

An Early Morning at Granholmstoppen[ce]
Lots of stars over Akalla, Husby and Kista.