2009 Archive

2009 Archive


The Gardens Mall[a]
Mall ornaments.

Florida 821 at Night[b]
The 821 as seen at night.

Key West[c]
It is a tourist trap, but a nice tourist trap.

Miami Beach[d]
The expensive part of Miami.

Everglades National Park[e]
Photos from the Everglades.

Kennedy Space Center[f]
The rocket place.

Christmas in Florida[g]
Christmas tree.

Orlando, Florida[h]
Arriving in Florida.

London Layover[i]
During the one-night layover in London I enjoyed this glass of cranberry juice.

Cancelled Flight[j]
This is what it looks like when a flight is cancelled.

Christmas Lights[k]
Some Christmas lights from various places.

Sergels Torg Christmas Market 2009[l]
Photos from Stockholm's most central Christmas market.

Stockholm Old Town at Night[m]
Stockholm's Old Town, after the first real snowfall of 2009.

View from Leopoldsberg[n]
Panorama from Leopoldsberg, shot in 2006, assembled in 2009.

First Real Snow[o]
The snow started falling for real.

Red Pepper Olive Oil[p]
Bottles of red pepper olive oil at Vapiano.

Christmas Decorations[q]
Close-up of a hanging led-light snowflake.

An islet in Stockholm previously known for having a prison.

Adam Donnerstad[s]
On the night of November 13-14, 2009, 15-y.o. Adam Donnerstad committed suicide by jumping off Västerbron onto the rocks below.

Waterfront Again[t]
I just liked the view from here.

Macro Photography With The Panasonic DMC-TZ7/ZS3[u]
Comparing the reproduction ratio of the TZ7 with other lenses.

First Frost[v]
First frost 2009, as seen at night in Rålambshovsparken.

Happy One-Eyed Lamp[w]
A happy-looking lamp hanging from the ceiling of Mojo Coffee.

On the Beach[x]
My cousins Marlene and David.

Foggy Stockholm[y]
A foggy day in Stockholm.

Stockholm Waterfront Construction[z]
Photo of the "Waterfront Building" construction.


Timelapse Exposure Correction[aa]
How to correct exposure over a timelapse.

Cheap and Lean Timelapse Machine[ab]
Re-sampling an image sequence along the time axis.


Fake It Till You Make It: Ultra Wide Angle Lenses[ac]
How to fake having ultra wide angle lenses.

Vienna Airport Construction[ad]
Photo taken in 2006 when going to California - remastered 2009.

Norra Latin Reflected[ae]
In a puddle.

Grand Canyon West[af]
View from a helicopter.

I Think Maybe Someone Died Here[ag]
...or something.

Sunset Timelapse[ah]
Timelapse of the sun setting over city hall, Stockholm.


Above Austria[ai]
Panorama stiched from four photos taken in 2006.

Slussen at Night[aj]
Shot of Slussen at night from the city hall.

Hawkbill Trail Panorama[ak]
Panorama from the top of the Hawkbill trail.

Christian Science Plaza[al]
Photos from my 2006 visit to Boston.

The "Engel" show from 2005 - remastered.

Snowstorm near Brixen im Thale[an]
Skiing through a snowstorm on the way back to brixen from Kitzbühel.

Red Rock Canyon, Remastered[ao]
Newer and better versions of the old photos.


Gacka River[ap]
The Gacka river.

360 Degrees of Kvarte[aq]
360 degree panorama of Kvarte.

Olib Beach Sunset[ar]
Sunset seen from Olib beach.

Vienna Light Table 6[as]
Random shots from Vienna.

Vienna U-Bahn[at]
Photos from the Vienna U-Bahn.

Stephansdom 2[au]
Photos from St. Stephens cathedral in Vienna.

Schloss Belvedere[av]
Photos from the Belvedere palace.

Soviet War Memorial[aw]
Photos of the Soviet war memorial in Vienna.

Schloss Schönbrunn[ax]
The gardens and many fountains of Schönbrunn castle.

Photos from Karlsplatz.

The "Hochstrahlbrunnen" in Vienna.

Hundertwasserhaus 2[ba]
A visit to the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna.

Hubertuswarte 5[bb]
Dusk visit to the Hubertuswarte tower.

Lainzer Tiergarten 2[bc]
A visit to the Lainzer Tiergarten.

Photos from the MQ.

A Brief Stop To Pick Up A Dog[be]
And to watch the sunset.

A Brief Stop At An Abandoned House[bf]
Just checking it out.

A Brief Stop In Perušić[bg]
To say hello to Kate.

A Brief Stop At The Cemetery[bh]
Checking gramps's tombstone.

Plitvica Lakes[bi]
Plitvica lakes are a system of sixteen lakes joined by waterfalls and small streams.

A town with mills.

Olib Sunset[bk]
Sunset as seen from Olib beach.

Sveti Nikola[bl]
The intended site of Olib town.

Walled Gardens of Olib[bm]
The stone walls covering the island of Olib.

Olib Town[bn]
Photos from Olib - the civilized part.

The Lego Castle of Jurjevec[bo]
A castle designed using Legos.

Monument to Ljepa Naša[bp]
A monument to the Croatian national anthem.

The Tito Museum[bq]
Marshal Tito's birthplace, preserved.

The Sculptor[br]
A visit to Galerija Popijac.

View From A Bridge[bs]
View from a bridge just outside Klanjec.

Zagreb TV Tower[bt]
The TV broadcasting tower just outside of Zagreb.

The Obelisk[bu]
The obelisk at the center of Sergel's Square

Stockholm Light Table 5[bv]
Various photos from Stockholm's inner city.

Norra Bantorget[bw]
View toward Norra Bantorget from Barnhusbron.

Stockholm Light Table 4[bx]
Various photos from Stockholm's inner city.

Branting Monument[by]
The Hjalmar Branting monument on Norra Bantorget.


Norra Latin Fountain[bz]
The fountain outside Norra Latin.

Pike's Peak Panorama[ca]
Panoramas from Pike's Peak.

Lamborn House[cb]
Lamborn House.

The Cross and the Flag[cc]
Cross and flag.

Christopher Braman Memorial Coin[cd]
Memorial coin for Christopher Braman's heroic acts during 9/11 at the Pentagon.


Grand Canyon Panorama[ce]
Panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon.

Chicago Layover[cf]
Various photos from the 12 hour layover in Chicago.

Third Street Promenade[cg]
Photos from the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Amy May[ch]
Singer-songwriter Amy May on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Pier[ci]
Photos from the Santa Monica Pier, taken on the layover before going to Chicago.

All of it.

Falls City, Nebraska[ck]
There's more to this little town than you'd think.

Princess Shay of the House of Baker[cl]
Princess Shay giving audience.

Lindsborg, Kansas[cm]
The Swedish town.

Seven Falls[cn]
Seven Falls, near Colorado Springs

Highway 24[co]
Taking highway 24 south from Vail.

A small alp village transplanted to Colorado.

Pike's Peak[cq]
On top of America's mountain.

Garden of the Gods[cr]
(Beer) Garden of the Gods.

San Clemente Pier[cs]
The pier after sunset.

Wilson Creek Winery[ct]
If you go to the Wilson Creek Winery and go into the shop, you can get a "behind the scenes" look of sorts at the winery if you go to the back right corner (as seen from the main entrance).

Mandalay Bay[cu]
Photos from Mandalay Bay, one of the hotel/casinos along The Strip in Las Vegas.

Inside shot of the Luxor, Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon[cw]
Photos from Grand Canyon.

Top of the World at Night[cx]
Nighttime photos from "Top of the World" in Laguna Beach.

Mono Lake[cy]
Photos taken from Mono Lake, home of beautiful rock formations, sunsets and the odd carpet of mosquitoes.

Highway 395[cz]
Following highway 395 north along the Eastern Sierras.


Kansas City, Missouri[da]
Now that's one unintuitively named city.

Denison Dam Spillway[db]
The spillway of the Denison Dam, also known as the Lake Texoma Dam.

Scarborough Faire[dc]
Scarborough Faire is a renaissance festival just south of Dallas.

George Mason[dd]
A much underappreciated revolutionary.

American History Museum[de]
The American History Museum, part of the Smithsonian.

Ford's Theater[df]
Where Lincoln was shot.

Holocaust Museum[dg]
The Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Arlington National Cemetery[dh]
The national cemetery in Arlington.

Andrews Air Force Base[di]
Open house at the Andrews Air Force Base.

Proof of having been in Delaware.

Grain Silo[dk]
Proof of presence in New Jersey.

Washington Crossing[dl]
The place where Washington crossed the Delaware.

Valley Forge[dm]
Valley Forge, the (in)famous campground of Washington's continental army.

Jefferson Memorial[dn]
The Thomas Jefferson memorial.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum[do]
Flying things.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Park[dp]
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Park.

Korean War Memorial[dq]
The Korean War Memorial.

World War II Memorial[dr]
The World War II Memorial.

Iwo Jima Memorial[ds]
The Iwo Jima memorial at nightfall.

Washington at Night[dt]
Nighttime photo from Washington, DC.

Washington Monument[du]
Commemorates the first US president.

Lincoln Memorial[dv]
The Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial[dw]
Also known as the "Healing Wall".

S:t Eriksbron[dx]
Photos from the St Eric Bridge in Stockholm.


Cherry Blossoms in Kungsträdgården[dy]
A day of cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården.

Monteliusvägen at Dusk[dz]
Monteliusvägen - at dusk this time.

Monteliusvägen at Night[ea]
Nighttime panorama of Stockholm from the city's newest scenic walk.

Strömmen, or "the stream" that passes through Stockholm.

Visit to Hagaparken, a park just north of central Stockholm, in early spring.

Old Town Alleys[ed]
Old Town alleys.

Slussen, Stockholm[ee]
Slussen. Now that's what I call ugly.


Oak Creek Bridge[ef]
Panorama near Oak Creek Bridge, taken in 2006, assembled in 2009.

Photos from Smedsudden.

Photo from Kaknästornet.


Untersberg Panorama[ej]
Panoramic view of an overcast Salzburg and mountains, from the Untersberg.

Hollywood Hills[ek]
Panorama of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills, taken in 2005.

Evening panorama of Madrid, taken in 2004.

Winter in Kymlinge 2[em]
Winter photos from Kymlinge.

Centralbadsparken, Stockholm[en]
HDR photo taken in Centralbadsparken, Stockholm.

Haymarket Houses[eo]
A colorfully lit up row of five houses in the center of Stockholm.


Photo down Klara Sjö as it passes Blekholmsterassen, a relatively new housing development in Stockholm.

Stockholm Waterfront Building[eq]
Detail of the steel beam framework of the Waterfront Building, seen during construction.

Winter in Kymlinge[er]
Winter photos from Kymlinge, part of Järvafältet Nature Preserve in north-western Stockholm.


Hammarby Sjöstad[es]
Photos from Hammarby Sjöstad, a relatively new development in southern Stockholm.

Winter photos from Husby.

Winter Over Järvafältet[eu]
A thin layer of snow covers Järvafältet. The cold was brutal, but the sunset beautiful.

New Year 2009[ev]
Fireworks! Te annual Stockholm City fireworks, seen from just behind Djurgården.