Christmas in Florida

Christmas in Florida

Christmas tree. It is part of the latino holiday celebrations I joined in on, and just about the only part of the celebrations that were familiar.

2009-12-25 17:32

2948 Shaugnessy Drive, Florida 2009

Other things I did:

  • Ate tamales. Basically, you take food and put it in a small wrapper of masa[a], a starchy corn-based dough. Traditionally this was for poor people, with the filling being whatever leftovers the servants could scrape together from the rich people's table. (In theory you could make tamales from tamale leftovers, but I don't know if anyone has attempted such a never ending lineage of tamale. Or, if it has been tried, if the experimenter eventually died from food poisoning or not.)

  • Threw a bunch of coins over my shoulder into the back yard. That way I'll always have money the coming year.

  • Exchanged one dollar bills with everyone else, in order to ensure prosperity the coming year.

  • Ran up and down the street with a bag, that way I'll get to travel the coming year.