Inside shot of the Luxor[a], Las Vegas. Last time I was in Vegas[b] I did take some photos from here, but trouble with the memory stick reader caused me to delete them instead of moving them to my laptop.[1] So this time I had promised myself to get some nice interior shots.

Inside shot of the Luxor hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The pyramid, seen from the inside. The walls contain the hotel suites, and the edges of the pyramid house the elevators. The casino and everything else is in the hollow space inside the pyramid.

2009-06-07 18:17

Luxor, USA 2009



For the interested: I used a SD card with a MS adapter in the camera (a Sony DSC-P150). When plugging the combination into the card reader, not all files would show up and some files would show up twice in the directory listing. I ended up copying some files twice, and the rest not at all. When I then hit "delete all" on the camera, well...