Bigsh0t Optimized and Stabilized
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Bigsh0t Optimized and Stabilized


Bigsh0t 2.1 has been released, with equirectangular-to-fisheye transform and optimizations.

I had my GhettoPro 360, but the footage that came out of it when I was biking was, simply put, unusable. It was simply too unsteady. I suppose it's because the lenses on the Theta SC sits on the end of a cantilevered arm, so any vibration of the helmet causes the camera to swing wildly.

Since I'm too cheap to buy a GoPro 360 with stabilization software - after all, I don't actually do much with my 360 camera - I decided to write my own 360 stabilizer.

And also generally upgrade Bigsh0t[a].

1. Screenshots

Stabilizer in analysis mode.

tech, theta360, video, vr

Bigshot, Video Stabilization

► 0:26

Example of the stabilizer in action. Left side stabilized, right original.

tech, theta360, video, vr

Bigshot, Video, Video Stabilization, VR

2. Downloads and Source

The source is available at Bitbucket[b].


The software is offered under the GPL 2.0 License[c], which, to quote the all-caps section of the license, means that THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PROGRAM IS WITH YOU.

Download Bigsh0t 2.1.1 for Windows

3. New Features

Go to bigsh0t at Bitbucket[d] for an explanation of how the plugins work.

  • Stabilization of 360 footage.

  • OpenMP on OSX.

  • Many of the plugins now uses a cached displacement map for transformations to avoid recalculating them for every frame.