Full Frame Weight
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Full Frame Weight

Full-frame (35mm) cameras are heavier than their crop-sensor siblings. Their lenses are heavier too. But how much heavier? After hauling my Nikon D3200 (DX 1.5x crop sensor) as well as my Nikon D600 (FX full-frame sensor) up and down and around, I thought I'd just run the numbers and see if the FX system was as much heavier as it felt.

Executive summary: Kinda.

While the FX system is nearly twice as heavy as the DX, it is still only "nearly" twice as heavy: 80% heavier, to be more exact. And if you factor in the tripod (which is the same), you end up at only about 50% heavier.

Equipment weight [Expand]
CameraNikon D3200505 gNikon D600850 g168%
WideSigma 10-20/4-5.6470 gIrix 15/2.4581 g124%
NormalNikon 18-55/3.5-5.6195 gNikon 24-85/3.5-4.5460 g236%
TeleNikon 55-200/4-5.6300 gNikon 70-300/4.5-5.6745 g248%
Total1470 g2636 g179%
TripodVelbon Ultra Maxi L920 gVelbon Ultra Maxi L920 g100%
Total w/tripod2390 g3556 g149%

But I feel the extra weight. Certainly when you've been hauling it around for a full day - and absolutely when you compare it to the third alternative: just bringing your cellphone. The FX kit is 3.5 kg of photo nerdery that you have to haul around forever when you're on a trip.

2019-07-27 16:07


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The shots are nice, though.

Compared to the D3200, the D600 delivers just that bit of extra colors and dynamic range - and utterly outperforms the crop-sensor in low light and astrophotography. The cellphone isn't even a starter in this competition. Ultimately, carrying another 1.2 kg to get the very best image quality when I'd otherwise be carrying 2.4 kg is worth it for me.

But I feel the extra weight.