2020 Archive

2020 Archive


Levada Pedregal[a]
A walk above and through west Madeira villages.

Levada dos Cedros (PR14)[b]
A walk through a foggy green jungle.

A House on a Hill[c]
Merry Christmas!

Quinta da Regaleira[d]
An estate with a park with esoteric buildings.

Smedsudden at Dusk[e]
A Lucia afternoon.

One Last Fika at Husby Gård[f]
When the weather is overcast and the sun would barely have made it above the horizon if you could see it, it's nice to get some coffee and buns at Husby Gård.

Sunset at Klara Mälarstrand[g]
One of the few days with an almost-clear sky.

One-Eyed Water Fountain[h]
By design, or a case of pareidolia?


A Trip to Översjön[i]
For what I think will be the last long bike ride this year I wanted to go to Översjön.

A Ride Through Autumn Leaves[j]
The ground is covered in red.

Biking 360[k]
Come join me on a bike ride around Djurgården and north-west Stockholm!

Hos Frank[l]
My favorite restaurant, a wonderful and cosy place with great food and service - that doesn't exist. An oasis during summer and a warming hearth during winter. It was a welcome pause during good days, and a refuge during bad ones.

Echopraxia by Peter Watts[m]
While the novel does have good parts, it's a three star novel wrapped around a five-star series of lectures.

Bigsh0t 2.2[n]
Added ability to share stabilization data among several clips.


Auschwitz II - Birkenau[o]
Total death count (including Auschwitz I): 1.1 million.

Auschwitz I[p]
Total death count (including Auschwitz II - Birkenau): 1.1 million.

Reflected Branches[q]
Branches reflected in the water.

A Gathering of Ladybugs[r]
First just a few, then more and more ladybugs gathered on this lone tombstone next to St. Clara Church.

Wieliczka Salt Mine[s]
Under the small town of Wieliczka, part of the Krakow metropolitan area, lies 287 kilometers of underground passages.

Last Day of Summer[t]
The temperature soared to 18 degrees and the sun shone.


Autumn is here.

Kymlinge and Igelbäcken[v]
Stopping by on my way back home.

GhettoPro Zero[w]
A GoPro Hero is $300; a GhettoPro Zero is $50.


16 Year Old Bike[x]
Sweet sixteen!

Sunset at Råstasjön[y]
Biking back home from Husby.

Red Sky Over Brunnsviken 2[z]
The bigger picture.

Sunset Over Strömsborg[aa]
A little idyllic islet (one of very many in Stockholm) that was overtaken by the expanding capital city.

C.A's Final Resting Place[ab]
If heaven needs anything fixed, I'm sure they have the best help.

Släpp Snubbar by Tanja Suhinina[ac]
A mixed bag that often swerves off from the expertly crafted into the ditch of the cartoonish. While Tanja retains the intelligence, wit and sheer mind-blowingly impressive audacity of her previous book, it's also obvious that all that brainpower sometimes misfires and misfires badly.

Röttle Harbor[ad]
This harbor was previously used for transport to and from Visingsö, the large island in lake Vättern.

Homey Bee Bar[ae]
I found this bumblebee sitting on a leaf. It didn't move, and after a little bit a realized that the poor thing was probably exhausted.

Red Sky Over Brunnsviken[af]
The sky started out overcast, but it finished the day colorful.


Radisson Blu Waterfront Sends Love[ag]
In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Red Tulips[ah]
Red tulips in the setting sun.

Two Deer on the Little Island in Lötsjön[ai]
Well... almost real ones. If it's Christmas...

Abisko National Park[aj]
I never knew we had anything like this in Sweden.

Midnight, Kiruna[ak]
It doesn't get any darker than this in the land of the midnight sun.

Summer Sunset from Årstabron[al]
A view towards Liljeholmen from the western (new) Årsta Bridge.


Sleeping Swans[am]
A pair of sleeping swans near the Japanese garden.

JavaScript Layouts and Cumulative Layout Shift[an]
How to avoid high cumulative layout shift (CLS) when laying out page elements using JavaScript.


The Rain is Coming[ao]
Got a couple of drops, but otherwise it missed.

Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård[ap]
The Kaknäs pet cemetery.

National Good Morning Task Force[aq]
Making sure nobody who works from home sleeps in.

Bigsh0t 2.1.1[ar]
This release fixes some display issues on Linux.


Bigsh0t for Linux[as]
Linux users of Shotcut can now use Bigsh0t.

Blue and White Anemone Duet[at]
I try to visit Hansta at least twice in the spring - once for the blue anemone hepaticas as they pop up through the barren forest floor, and once for the wood anemones as they cover the forest floor in a carpet of white flowers. This year, they were both in bloom when I arrived for my second visit.

Corona Photo[au]
The Covid-19 pandemic has created a whole new genre for me. Going to places nearby - because I avoid public transit, and avoiding people - because of Covid-19, I'm exploring nearby spots as they have become eerily empty of people.

Medicago Sativa[av]
The blue flowers cover the ground.

John Conway[aw]
COVID-19 stalks the Earth, and today it claimed John Conway.

Husby Dirt[ax]
A dirt track near Husby Gård. Since I like my cervical vertebrae connected I haven't tried it.

April 7, 2017[ay]
On the afternoon of April 7, 2017, an islamist terrorist hijacked a truck and drove it down the pedestrian street Drottninggatan, killing five and seriously injuring 14.

West Capo Gallo Reserve[az]
A walk between cliffs and the sea.


Early Spring in Hansta[ba]
We've had a mild winter, and the anemone hepaticas are getting some sun.

Sunset at Porta Tufi[bb]
Watching the sunset from just outside the city gates.

Siena Cathedral[bc]
Siena Cathedral, or Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption as its full name is, could have been a lot bigger.

Streets of Palermo[bd]
A rough elegance.

The Tiny Houses of Westerstraat 54[be]
There used to be an entrance to a courtyard here from which Westerstraat 54-70 were accessible. When the entrance was closed and the street numbers disappeared we got this jump from 54 to 70. A local advertising agency created these small houses and they turned out to be a hit.

Morning at the Canals[bf]
A still blue morning.


UniWB Revisited[bg]
UniWB causes underexposure of about 2/3 of a stop on the Nikon D600.

St. James's Church by Day[bh]
A daytime view of the inside of the church.

Trimmed Trees[bi]
Cubic trees - at least until spring comes.

Christmas in Palermo[bj]
Christmas decorations in the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.

Happy palindrome day!

A Lone Light[bl]
A lone light shines in the winter night.

Mool Heuk Gil Garden[bm]
Won-Sup Lim came to Sweden in 1975 to spread taekwondo and is with his 9 dan and grand master ranking the highest ranked taekwondo practitioner in Sweden. Mool Heuk Gil (the way of water and earth) is his own martial art, based on 50 years' experience of martial arts.


Sunrise Over Norrström[bn]
A colorful sunrise.

The End of Cameras[bo]
Where I expect the ILC industry to end up: a small market segment for professionals and hobbyists with money to spend, with not much new technology coming out.

Seven Rila Lakes[bp]
A hike up a mountain with seven lakes.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral[bq]
Cathedral church of the Patriarch of Bulgaria.

Devil's Throat[br]
The water from the Trigrad river falls down a 42 meter waterfall right down the cave. It is said to be the inspiration for the story about Orpheus descending to Hades to find his beloved Eurydice.

Rila Monastery[bs]
A monastery in the mountains.