2020 Archive

2020 Archive


St. James's Church by Day[a]
A daytime view of the inside of the church.

Trimmed Trees[b]
Cubic trees - at least until spring comes.

Christmas in Palermo[c]
Christmas decorations in the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.

Happy palindrome day!

A Lone Light[e]
A lone light shines in the winter night.

Mool Heuk Gil Garden[f]
Won-Sup Lim came to Sweden in 1975 to spread taekwondo and is with his 9 dan and grand master ranking the highest ranked taekwondo practitioner in Sweden. Mool Heuk Gil (the way of water and earth) is his own martial art, based on 50 years' experience of martial arts.


Sunrise Over Norrström[g]
A colorful sunrise.

The End of Cameras[h]
Where I expect the ILC industry to end up: a small market segment for professionals and hobbyists with money to spend, with not much new technology coming out.

Seven Rila Lakes[i]
A hike up a mountain with seven lakes.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral[j]
Cathedral church of the Patriarch of Bulgaria.

Devil's Throat[k]
The water from the Trigrad river falls down a 42 meter waterfall right down the cave. It is said to be the inspiration for the story about Orpheus descending to Hades to find his beloved Eurydice.

Rila Monastery[l]
A monastery in the mountains.