2017 Archive

2017 Archive


Winter Solstice 2017[a]
Photo taken at the winter solstice. From now on it only gets brighter!

Husby Gård Winter Solstice[b]
The sun doesn't get much farther above the horizon than this nowadays.

Flodskörden (Things From the Flood) by Simon Stålenhag[c]
An amazing and uncanny alternate-history of Sweden in the 90's, that mixes scenes of everyday life with futuristic megastructures in a wonderful, smooth fusion of both.

Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Autumn 2017[d]
Half as many days of show as before, so twice the intensity!

LED Christmas Decorations[e]
A new set of LED lights for the little Christmas tree.

Super Moon 2017[f]
The first of three consecutive super moons.


Educational Youtube[g]
It's so much more than cat videos.

Setting the GeoSetter Web Browser Version[h]
Don't leave great software behind.

Close-Up Lens Calculator[i]
A tool to figure what the specifications of a close-up lens actually means in practice.

Phottix Close-Up Filter[j]
It's cheap and you get what you pay for, but there are other much better options for not much more. There's no vignetting, but the uncoated lens element has massive amounts of haze and chromatic aberrations.

Lunch in Husby[k]
Going out for food and enjoying the autumn.

Hafla Layali, November 2017[l]
A great preview of what's to come on the student show - and also the performance that won the Oriental Love Festival in Belgrade.

Humpbacked Witches[m]
In the dark woods near the old pagan altar you'll find many humpbacked witches. Some with bigger humps than others.


Layali Dance Academy Student Show, Spring 2017[n]
Another year, another show!

Full Frame[o]
Switching to full frame from APS-C.

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden[p]
An outdoor gallery of sculptures honoring US and allied veterans.

Heart Lake[q]
A small lake above Castle Lake.

Castle Lake at Night[r]
Wating the Milky Way and testing my new camera setup.

Road Six[s]
A brief stop on the way north to Mt Shasta.

Sacramento River Headwaters[t]
The headwaters of the Sacramento River.

Hedge Creek Falls[u]
Small falls.

Crater Lake[v]
Crater Lake is, as the name says, a lake in a volcanic crater.


KTH Fireworks Concert[w]
A concert with a bit more explosive bass.

Sunset over Fatbursparken[x]
A brief flash of sun.

Apple Cake Buffet at Svindersviks Brygghus[y]
Every year there's an apple cake buffet at Svindersviks Brygghus.


Virtual Granholmstoppen[z]
A virtual tour of Granholmstoppen.

Twisty Little Alleys[aa]
You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Wilderville, OR[ab]
Glowing red fields along the Redwood Highway.

Sunrise at the Klamath River[ac]
A detour to see the sun rise while driving to Oregon.

Parva Camela[ad]

Ricoh Theta SC Lens Parameters[ae]
Converting the raw video from the Ricoh Theta SC requires knowing the lens parameters. Since Ricoh doesn't publish those, I set out to find them.

Nymphaeum of the Rain[af]
A monument to the nymphs.


Ricoh Theta SC[ag]
A fast and easy way to produce 360 content of sufficient quality for mobile use. In the end, it must be employed with some thought in order to realize its potential and not end up unused once the novelty has worn off.

Summer Camel[ah]
Happy midsummer!

The Slussen Dig[ai]
A lot of Slussen has been demolished, and the digging for the new structure is progressing.

Hästa Frog Pond[aj]
A small pond near Granholmstoppen, built in 2007, with the purpose of restoring some of the wetland that previously existed nearby.

Astrophotography Lens and Camera Score Calculator[ak]
A calculator to score the performance of lenses and cameras in astrophotography.

Irix 15mm f/2.4 Firefly[al]
A worthy full-frame successor to my Sigma 10-20 f/4.

American Kingpin by Nick Bilton[am]
A story about drugs, technology and hubris, that mirrors Silicon Valley and ends in just the tragedy you would expect.


UniWB on Nikon D3200[an]
How to set up UniWB on Nikon D3200.

UniWB on Nikon D600[ao]
WB settings close to UniWB.


Animated Mandelbrot Orbits[ap]


Small Camel, Big Heart[aq]
A small camel comes with lots of love: Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Conway's Law[ar]
Both organization and design need to be flexible to adapt to changing business requirements.

Raw Conversion[as]
My conversion from shooting JPG to shooting RAW.