Moonrise, Granholmstoppen
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Moonrise, Granholmstoppen

A while back I camped out on Granholmstoppen to get a panorama of the moon rising over Tensta while the sun was setting opposite. It didn't work out as planned, but wise from failure I had planned another attempt for May 14, 2011.

When the day came around I was again close to missing the opportunity, partly to raw stupidity, partly to not being aware of all factors:

  1. In the blog entry i had written May 14, which is the correct day. But when I looked up the moon phase I noted that the full moon would be on May 17; this made me conclude that I had mistakenly written down the wrong day.

  2. It was cloudy during the day of May 14, so I thought I'd just wait until the 17th. I made the false assumption that moonrise and moonset work the same way as sunrise and sunset - they happen approximately the same time from day-to-day. Not so: The moon rises at 1717 on May 14, but 2202 on May 17. Had I waited to the 17th I would have turned up but the Moon wouldn't have.

  3. Looking at the moon phase for the original photo, I was surprised to note that the moon wasn't full at the time. It was at 92%. I had assumed that anything less than 100% was a disaster, but thinking over it it seems like the moonrise time matters more.

  4. The weather conspired against me again, with faint clouds at the horizon blocking the sun and making the final minutes darker than expected.

Next attempt will be on June 12, 2011.

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Granholmstoppen, VR

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