US Trip Summary

US Trip Summary

Summary of trip to the United States 2008-08-26 - 2008-09-09.

Best Travel Tip Renting Hertz cars in Sweden via Much, much cheaper than going via
Distance Driven
Texas 1230 mi
California 2298 mi
Total 3528 mi (5677 km)
Average Fuel Economy 34 mpg
Radio Stations
Most Listened "The Boombox", Sirius Radio, channel 34[a]
Most Disturbing (1) Family Radio, for stressing a sectlike exact adherence to... what? Like the Bible didn't need interpretation.
Most Disturbing (2) KEGL The Eagle (Dallas) for having commercials for: Debt relief[b], auto repair, beer, herbal aphrodisiacs and strip clubs and not much else. I don't know what it means when you listen to a station where such ads apparently work on the listeners - and like it.
Shot 3020
Saved 1926 (4.15 GB)
Worst Hotel Motel 6, Stockton I-5 exit Benjamin Holt Dr. Any hotel with young latinos in matching clothes sitting on the stairs waiting for... something... is a hotel I don't recommend.
Best Pizza Pizza Guys[c], Stockton I-5 exit Benjamin Holt Dr right opposite Motel 6. Maybe the latinos above were waiting for pizza? It sure was worth waiting for.
Best Hotel The Tides Inn[d], Laguna Beach
Best Cheap-Ass Hotel Dana Point Harbor Inn[e]. (The only place with WiFi that actually works.)
Best Winery Wilson Creek[f]
Prettiest Stretch of Road Highway 299[g]
Most Boring Drive Interstate 5 north[h]
Longest Stretch Without Food Because I Just Can't Be Bothered With Eating When I'm In Yosemite And Have Photos To Take 44 hours
Best Restaurant
After 44 Hours Without Food Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes[i] (easy win due to all-you-can-eat buffet and unlimited refills)
For Brunch Ramos House Cafe[j]
For a Night Out The Melting Pot, Irvine[k]