We are the Strange

We are the Strange

M dot Strange[a], or Michael Belmont as most official records know him, a "one man evil animation studio", made the movie We are the Strange[b] all by himself over the course of three years. He had a mini render farm of four P4 Shuttle XPCs, a battery of Macs and a small stop-motion animation studio in his bedroom. The mega hella awesome result may not be for everyone.

But the critics did seem to like it, and for being the extremely odd independent movie it is, it got quite the fan following. It was the first animated feature ever accepted to the Sundance Film Festival when it was screened there in January 2007.

While it is tempting to present this as the film case of the saying that "music fans listen to music, audiophiles listen to stereos", and make no mistake - this is a film for people who are interested in film itself more than the story - the combination of one-man-does-it-all, the odd visual style, and the consistency that it is all achieved with makes it interesting.

And a note - this isn't M dot Strange's first movie. On his blog he says that it's "more like his 108th". Chalk one up to perseverance.