Hubertuswarte 2

Hubertuswarte 2

Since I wanted a picture with autumn colors I went back to the Hubertuswarte. It was with mixed feelings - on one hand I knew that it was a nice place to take pictures, but I have only bad experiences of going back to a place where you've already taken a great image. The second time usually ends up as good as when you try to imitate another photographer - in other words, not very good. But I wanted my red-yellow-green trees, damn it!

2007-10-16 17:48


I think the biggest surprise was that the sunset wasn't where I expected it to be. This whole Earth-orbit thing had shifted it a couple of degrees to the left, which meant that I had to extend the panorama to the right in order to get the hills. (Just centering the photo on the sun would've made it significantly more boring.)

I don't think it turned out as well as the previous attempt, but I got my colored leaves so I'm just going to declare victory and move on.