Layali Dance Academy Student Show

Layali Dance Academy Student Show

I was invited to the end-of-semester Layali Dance Academy[a] student show[b]; and while it isn't something I'd claim to be "into"[1], I figured why not, the wider my horizons, the better. So I accepted and went. The show was great and included a few surprises mixed in with the more traditional acts. For example, what I can best describe as an Oriental version of the Thriller dance[c] set to a dubstep track, and a pair of Lucias[d] performing. I've included an eight-second snippet of one of the acts; if that's not enough there are more (and longer) clips from Layali shows at Youtube[e]. Then there's of course the show at the end of every semester.

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This is the "Oriental, Advanced" students performing a dance choreographed to "Bitaatibni".

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