Persecution of Christians

Persecution of Christians

These photos were taken at a demonstration against modern-day persecution of Christians. While our colonial history may cause us to think of Christians as those doing the persecution ever since Constantine removed penalties for professing Christianity in 313 CE[a], it is unfortunately alive and well around the world.

The world-wide leader, by considerable margin, is North Korea[b], which sits at the first place of Open Doors' list[c]. Sadly, of the top-ten countries, places two to nine are taken by Muslim countries[1], who seem to have forgotten about this whole "people of the book"[d] thing. The target for this demonstration was the treatment of Christans in the Muslim world and the persecution of and discrimination against Christians in Egypt[e] in particular. Those demonstrating were Copts[f], and a summary of their troubles can be found in the Wikipedia article on persecution of Copts[g].

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1. North Korea, 2. Iran, 3. Afghanistan, 4. Saudi Arabia, 5. Somalia, 6. Maldives, 7. Yemen, 8. Iraq, 9. Uzbekistan, 10. Laos (Bhuddist, Communist state)