This video was assembled from the clips I shot when I was last in Tyresta. Since the place was more or less flooded at the time, basing the video on the theme of "water, flowing or otherwise" came naturally.

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The music track is "Bazaar of Tal-Mashad"[a] from the album Mind's Eye[b] by Celestial Aeon Project[c]. The track, and this movie, is released under the CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0[d] license.


Tyresta National Park, Video

If the video appears to lack a narrative, that is understandable. Since I'm very much just learning video creation I reverted to an experimental model of filming: if it looks good, shoot eight seconds of it. This is normally my approach for still photos. With video I've tried to not shoot static scenes, but "events". Sadly, film-worthy events are rare in nature (just witness what documentary film makers go through) and I, being an amateur with another job, have the odd afternoon here and there to get the footage done. Obviously something had to change if I was ever to end up with enough footage for even a three-minute clip, and I chose to try this - essentially still photography with a movie camera.

The end result is "acceptable", I'd say. Only thanks to the flowing water is there anything at all happening. This was made painfully clear to me when I edited the movie. Originally it was upwards of five minutes, but I realised that I was adding filler to the filler and decided something had to change. So I switched to another music track, cut out a third of the scenes and shortened the rest. If you, dear viewer, find the result boring, you are at least spared twice the punishment.

Unlike the last video, this one has very little in the way of effects processing - while just about every clip in City had to be time-consumingly run through yet another render pipeline when importing them, this time a single clip had to be stabilised. (Then again, the video does end up much less energetic.)

I tried using Blender 2.59 for this project, but since the VSE still doesn't work well with the compositor, I reverted to my trusty 2.49.