Ich bin immer noch'n Wiener!
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Ich bin immer noch'n Wiener!

Wien, Wiener, Wienest! After two years since arriving in Vienna, I've definitely turned the corner. I think it happened in the start of the summer. Suddenly, going to Sweden didn't feel like coming home any more - going back to Vienna did.

I went to Karlsplatz again as a way of reflecting on the past two years. It was different this time, and I noticed it when I came up from the subway. The old subway station had gotten a slight facelift and much of the construction work that was ongoing last time I was there had finished. The Christmas market was still in full swing with delicious Bauernkrapfen and Punsch, but there was no Engel-show. (Update: because it was scheduled for 1700 and not 1800.)

2007-12-04 18:28