I have been looking at wide angle lenses for a couple of weeks now, and even considered buying a DSLR camera[1] - just so I can fit a nice wide-angle lens to it. Today I saw a wide-angle converter that could just perhaps be taped or otherwise manhandled onto my compact camera. But Austria being what it is that shop was closed. So I went online to see if I could get PanoramaTools to work again. I had tried to use this package before and it had not worked very well; mostly because it appeared to be designed for smaller images than I am using - I kept getting out of memory errors, despite having plenty of system memory left. This time, however, I ran into Hugin[a] - a graphical front end for the PanoramaTools transformation engine. This time, it also worked.

If you decide to use Hugin and for some reason can't get TIFF output, download version 2.5 of Enblend and drop it into the enblend/ folder.

In my photo collection I had a couple of un-assembled panoramas. Often when I saw a vista I'd snap a left-center-right triplet of photos, not because I expected to turn them into a panorama, but because it seemed like the best way to preserve the moment right then. Now, with Hugin, those shots can finally be merged into a seamless panorama.

Pyramid Lake, CA.

Sunset at Point Sur, while going south down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Vienna seen from the Leopoldsberg.


2007-03-10, updated 2015-06-16