2005 Archive

2005 Archive


The perfectly normal Americans we know and love.

Confederatio Helvetica[b]
Pictures from my trip to Zug, Switzerland, to visit an old friend.

Ich bin ein Wiener[c]
Immediate impressions of Vienna from someone who moved there and just got off the plane.


Top of the World[d]
Pictures from the "top of the world", a community in the hills just behind Laguna Beach.

Rob, Nicola and Pizza[e]
Going with Rob and Nicola for some beer and pizza at BJ's in Laguna Beach.


Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley[f]
Me, Tony, Nicole and Ron went wine tasting in Temecula Valley.

Laguna Beach[g]
Pictures from Laguna Beach, California, a small town by the pacific.

High Dynamic Range Imaging[h]
Some experiments with High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI). How to blend photos to achieve a higher dynamic range and better detail.

Casa de Hutzul[i]
Pictures from dinner at the Hutzuls's and Laguna Beach


Robert Monroe and Nicola Chisholm-Douglas (part 2)[j]
More pictures from Robert and Nicolas wedding in Dunfermline.

Irvine, CA 92606[k]
Pictures and address of my shared apartment in Santa Clara Apartments, where I lived during my extended stay in the US 2005.

Robert Monroe and Nicola Chisholm-Douglas[l]
Pictures from Rob's wedding in Dunfermline, September 18, 2005.


"A digital dreamscape." That's how Introversion software describes their RTS game Darwinia. A golden nugget of a game that will probably never even sell enough to cover its development costs - sadly.


Cryptographic Signatures[n]
The problem with cryptographic signatures.

Practically Goddamn Public[o]
Some thoughts about using OpenPGP / GnuPG for encrypting personal email.