Robert Monroe and Nicola Chisholm-Douglas (part 2)

Robert Monroe and Nicola Chisholm-Douglas (part 2)

More pictures from Robert and Nicolas wedding in Dunfermline.

At the end of the wedding, Rob handed out presents to the wedding functionaries. Somehow, I had managed to get on that list, although I can for the life of me not understand how.

As Rob collects knives the presents were just that - knives. As he was about to hand them out just after the bride had thrown the bouquet, and since a not frugal amount of alcohol had been consumed, some people wondered if he was about to throw knives blindly - whoever caught them got to keep them. Fortunately he didn't.

My knife is here - it is made of Damascus steel[a] with silver inlay. The second picture shows the inlay. Note the pattern of light and dark lines on the blade - that's Damascus steel.

The bride throws a bouquet, but what does the groom throw? One of the bride's garters, after tearing it off with his teeth. The guy who catches it is next in line for marriage. Watch me disprove by counterexample.

Rob, watching you settling with such intensity frightens me. Best of luck! Leo.

The logic of Scottish food: Very simple. All food is eaten to line the stomach. Nutrition is gained through beer. That's why a Scottish breakfast consists of: Sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, black pudding, french fries and butter. All of it afloat on an ocean of molten fat.