Around mid-May each year something takes place in Stockholm that anthropologists may find interesting and everyone else will be found by, whether they like it or not. You'll notice a loud "UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ" four-on-the-floor rhythm growing louder, accompanied by loud screams. A mobile rave? Sort of, really: It has become tradition for graduating high-school students to rent a big truck, equip it with speakers and amps, and get driven around town while partying and consuming incredible quantities of beer.

Yes, I did it, too. I admit. It's prescribed by now and I've paid my debt to society anyway. The excesses of youth.

Since I live near the fountain at Sergel's Torg it was dead easy to find a good spot. Every truck has to go one lap around the fountain. Or so it seems.

2011-06-10 14:47

Sergels Torg