Akalla Industriområde
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Akalla Industriområde

Heating plant in the Akalla Industrial Zone. This was a difficult picture to take due to the fence surrounding the heating plant. When I shot this I didn't have a really long lens - I had my 10-20mm and my 18-55mm[a], but nothing more. I had to mount the camera on a tripod, set the timer to ten seconds, and then lift the tripod up - hoping that the camera would be aimed right when the timer released the shutter. A bit behind me was a ridge that would have made this much easier - if I had had a tele lens, that is. I ordered a Sigma 55-200mm[b] the day after. I'd link to that lens on Sigma's website, but they seem to have thrown it in a memory hole.

2008-07-18 22:47

Akalla Industrial Zone

2008-08-04, updated 2010-06-17
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