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It may sound very strange and almost heretical to say it, but the pizza scene in Rome is woefully behind. Not behind as in a lack of availability, but the Roman pizza places restrict themselves to a ridiculously small selection of pizzas. Unlike California Pizza Kitchen or just about every pizza corner place in Sweden where one can pick and choose from thirty or so different pizzas, here you'd be lucky to go above five - and they'll be the five basic ones - mushroom, cheese, ham, and olives.

I also miss the fact that everywhere else I get the pizza fresh out of the oven. Here it is pound-pizza only. Re-heated.

But I took the plunge and ordered a quarter pizza at a fast-food restaurant in Rome's central station, Termini. I figured I had to have eaten Roman pizza before leaving.

2008-04-15 20:15

Rome 2008, Termini

How did it taste? Well, it depends on the scale used to measure. For being a simple pizza with tomatoes, cheese, ham and olives, it was good. Considering what it could have been, it was highly mediocre, and that is what makes me want to slap every Roman until their eyeballs switch places or until they add another thirty to forty pizzas to the menu, whichever comes first.

Don't even get me started on comparing this fast-food pizza to the delicious fast-food döner kebabs in Vienna.