More High Dynamic Range

More High Dynamic Range

I have been playing around with blending pictures with different exposure levels. Using Hugin and Panoramatools, it is very easy to align the different exposures before blending them. Since I had taken some pictures previously with the intent of blending them I went back and tried it out on them.

Source images are these two bright[a] and dark[b] images.

Corresponding source images: bright[c] and dark[d] images.

Strictly speaking, these are not high dynamic range images, as the dynamic range of the pictures you see are restricted to what can be displayed on a computer monitor (and what the JPEG format can handle). Moreover, they violate what's called the "large scale tonal hierarchy". If you look at the source images, the sky around the sun is brighter than the sky far away from the sun, which in turn is brighter than the ground. What I have done is preserve that relationship between the sun and the sky, but the ground has become a lot brighter in relation to those two. Anyway, the result is, in my opinion at least, more like what you were likely to percieve with your eyes had you been there when I took the photos.

Footnote: These two pictures from Oberlaa are also blends: [1][e] and [2][f]