Val Thorens, Sunday

Val Thorens, Sunday

Going to Val Thorens is like living an illustration of Zeno's paradox about the man who could not leave the room he was in. In order to leave, he would first have to cover half the distance between himself and the door, and then half of the remaining, and so on ad infinitum. Since he had to perform an infinite number of actions, he could never leave the room - the assumption being that an infinite number of actions could not possibly be completed in a finite time.

Going to Val Thorens you fly for two hours. Then half of the bus trip takes another two hours. The other half takes yet another two hours going uphill. Finally, the third half of the bus trip is driving around to all the hotels in Val Thorens and drop off guests. (Of course, your hotel is the last one.)

But just like Zeno's guy - you do get to your destination and once you're there, you're there.

Val Thorens is part of the Three Valleys ski area, which is the world's largest contiguous ski area. It is also the highest ski area in Europe.

Sunday Statistics

Maximum speed:

102 km/h, Lac de la Chambre.

Total distance:

47.0 km

Total time spent on the move:


Average speed:

18.1 km/h

2007-01-28 10:11

Val Thorens

The village, as seen from Cime de Caron.

Camilla, My and Annica.

2007-01-28 12:51

Val Thorens

2007-01-28 13:17

Val Thorens

Johannes and Johan.

My with her DSLR.

2007-01-28 13:19

Val Thorens

2007-01-28 16:08

Val Thorens

Sunday stats.

My, me and Johan at after ski at Tango.

2007-01-28 16:40

Val Thorens

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