Mozart. You may have heard some of his works, such as "Lick My Ass" (K.231)[a] and "Lick My Ass Real Nice and Clean" (K.233)[b]. He did some other tunes, too, such as a bunch of concerts, operas etc. Here's a documentary[c] if you want to know more.

While Mozart and his employer in Salzburg seemed to have the usual fight that erupts between creative talent and their bosses, ending in Mozart being fired and moving to Vienna, his home town has since positively deified the man. I don't know what the punishment is for saying to a Salzburger that "I prefer Salieri[d]", but it would not surprise me if it involved being thrown from the Hohensalzburg Fortress[e].

2007-01-03 11:52

Mozart Museum

Outside of the house where Mozart was born. Everyone from Salzburg is required to pray facing this.

Painting inside the Mozart family's apartment.

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Mozart Museum

2007-01-03 12:21

Mozart Museum

The room Mozart was born in. The birds symbolize his music being spread all over the world.

Original ticket to a Mozart concert.

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Mozart Museum

2007-01-03 12:26

Mozart Museum

Unfinished portrait of Mozart.