3 of 516 Year Old Bike

By 2019 the bike was showing its age. The gear shifters didn't work well - the front gear could not go above the middle chainring and the rear not below the fifth. Expecting that the whole groupset (gear shifters, sprockets, the whole lot) would have to be replaced, I decided to turn the bike in for maintenance. If I could get it fixed for less than 3000 SEK, that'd be worth it. I found a nearby bike repair shop - Cykloteket Service Store - booked a time for maintenance online, and when the day came I rode the bike over there and turned it in.

One day and 1200 SEK later, I had what was basically a new bike. That's less than $10 / year in maintenance!

I was very impressed by the service. For example, I expected the gear shifters to need a complete replacement. In reality, they just needed a bit of cleaning and some oil. Cykloteket could have replaced them, charged me for it, and I would have been none the wiser. But they did right by me.

Album: Vattugatan 15