2008 Archive

2008 Archive


St. Clara Church[a]
Nighttime photos of Klara Kyrka in Stockholm.

Sergel Square Christmas Market[b]
The Christmas market at Sergel Square (Sergels Torg).

My creation at the yearly "Julpyssel".

Stockholm Central Station[d]
Photos from Stockholm Central Station at night.



Vasabron, Stockholm[f]
Photos taken from the Vasa Bridge in central Stockholm.

New Pad[g]
New pad at Vattugatan 15.


The Specialists[h]
The myth of the trading specialists.

Kymlinge Autumn Panorama[i]
Autumn colors in Kymlinge.

Battery Spencer[j]
Images from Battery Spencer.

Autumn Colors at Järvafältet[k]
Autumn Colors at Järvafältet

A Misty Evening in Kymlinge[l]
A misty evening in Kymlinge.


Husby Gård[m]
Pictures taken from Husby Gård.

Kymlinge Panorama[n]
Panorama taken at Kymlinge, an open field between Kista and Hallonbergen.

US Trip Summary[o]
Summary of trip to the United States 2008-08-26 - 2008-09-09.

Wilson Creek Winery[p]
The best winery in the world.

On Top of the World[q]
Sunset from "Top of the World" behind Laguna Beach.

Yosemite Again[r]
Back in Yosemite.

Napa Valley[s]
The famous wine growing region.

Highway 299 from Arcata to Redding[t]
Driving along the scenic Highway 299.

Redwood National and State Parks[u]
A trip through the Redwood National and State Parks in the northernmost part of California

Highway 101 from San Francisco to Eureka[v]
Racing north at full speed in order to reach the redwoods before sunset.

San Francisco Sunrise[w]
Pictures of the sunrise as I set out north for Redwood National Park.

I-5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco[x]
Probably the most boring drive in the world, compared to what you can enjoy just a couple of tens of miles away, the I-5 from LA to SF excels in uniformity.

Red River[y]


Shooting Range[z]
Me go bang bang.

Billy Bob's Honky Tonk[aa]
Visit to the largest honky-tonk in the world.

H3 Ranch[ab]
Best steak in the world.

Can't go to Texas without having gone to one.

Fort Worth Stock Yards[ad]
Tourist trap, but fun.

Lake Texoma[ae]
Lake Texoma is a recreational area just north of the border between Texas and Oklahoma.

Downtown Dallas[af]
A lot of steel and glass and concrete.

Downtown McKinney[ag]
It's small, but not too small for a downtown.

West Hillyard Road, I35[ah]
Texas sunset on the i35.

The Alamo[ai]
The birthplace of Texas.

The Texas Hammer[aj]
Who ya gonna call?

Dallas, Texas[ak]
The Lone Star state.

Lunar Eclipse[al]
Photos of the lunar eclipse taken from Granholmstoppen.

Akalla Industriområde[am]
Heating plant in the Akalla Industrial Zone.

C 3[an]
Some kind of very tall tourist trap with a view.

Vårdö Church[ao]
Small church on Åland.

The Crimean War, far away from Crimea.

Land grab.

A restaurant and a watchtower on top of Åland's highest hill.

Going to that bunch of islands between Sweden and Finland.


To the moon.

Random walk around Järvafältet.

Kista Construction Collapse[av]
Collapse of a supporting beam.


Kirche am Steinhof[aw]
The Otto Wagner church, in the Steinhof psychiatric hospital.

Number One With a Google[ax]
I'm number one!

The scene may be small, but the performance is great.

Spring in Lainzer Tiergarten[az]
A stroll through the Lainzer Tiergarten in spring.

Hubertuswarte 4[ba]
Back to the Hubertuswarte.

A Nightmare in MQ[bb]
A nightmarish ceiling decoration in the MuseumsQuartier of Vienna.

Rome Summary[bc]
Summa summarum.

Villa Borghese[bd]
The Borghese family and their art treasures.


Castel Sant'Angelo[bf]
Castle on the north bank of the Tiber.

St. Paul's Basilica[bg]
Peter and Paul.

The Pyramid of Caius Cestius[bh]
An attempt by a Roman Praetor to bring some Egyptian architectural styles to Rome.

A Roman Ruin Construction Kit; seen from the street.

St. Sebastian's Catacombs[bj]
Pictures from the church atop St. Sebastian's catacombs.

Via Appia[bk]
Rome's first major road.

Roman pizza ain't all that.

St. Peter's Square[bm]
A circular square.

St. Peter's Basilica[bn]
The Big One.

Piazza della Repubblica[bo]
Well it has a fountain.

Roman Forum[bp]

Santa Maria degli Angeli[bq]
A church built in a bath.

Like "Survivor" but more real. A visit to the arena of the gladiators in Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy[bs]
Arriving in the eternal city.


Coachella Valley Preserve Panoramas[bt]
Panoramic images assembled from old photos from the Coachella Valley Preserve.


Vienna Light Table 5[bu]
Random pictures from Vienna.

Art History Museum[bv]
Interior wide-angle shot of the Art History Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Pfarrerkirche Rudolfsheim[bw]
A church that I went past many times on the 49 on my way to Lainzer Tiergarten.

Skiing in Vienna[bx]
It can be done.