2007 Archive

2007 Archive


A wonderful Vietnamese restaurant in Vienna. Come for the PhoXao, and never leave.

Republic of Kugelmugel[b]
Visiting a spherical micro-nation where somebody lost a big marble.

Rollercoasters and fun!

Vienna in a Nutshell in a Nutshell[d]
The real-ultra-short nanoscale guide to Vienna.


Ich bin immer noch'n Wiener![e]
Wien, Wiener, Wienest! Reflections on two years living in Vienna.

Hubertuswarte 3[f]
Autumn colors from the tower.

Autumn Colors in Lainzer Tiergarten[g]
Autumn colors in Lainzer Tiergarten, Vienna.


Santiago Fire[h]
Almost burning Scott's house to the ground.

An exhaustive history of internationally known Austrian artists.

We are the Strange[j]
Be sure to bring a giant robot.

Hubertuswarte 2[k]
Back to the tower.

Selva val Gardena[l]
Panorama of Il Sasso Lungo Langkofel down toward Selva val Gardena.

Sass Becè, Canazei[m]
Panorama of Sass Becè.


Zagreb Light Table[n]
Random pictures from Zagreb.

Leon Miščin and Vedrana Klinčić[o]
Taking the train to Zagreb to see Leon Miščin and Vedrana Klinčić's wedding.

Chicago Panorama[p]
Panorama taken from the top of the Sears Tower in 2006.


Haleakala Panorama[q]
Sunrise at Haleakala crater.


London Light Table 3[r]
Random pictures from London.

Track Day[s]
Track day at the Bedford Autodrome.

A tower in the middle of Lainzer Tiergarten.

Vienna Light Table 4[u]
Random shots from Vienna.

André Rieu[v]
Violins. Sax. Fame. Money.

Wiener Linien Track Polishing Commando[w]
Railing your eardrums.


Husby at Night[x]
Long exposure nighttime panorama.

Pictures taken from Centralbron.

Moon over Strebersdorf.

Kagran Bridge[aa]
Sunset at the Kagran Bridge.

Towel Art[ab]
Towel art - or cryptic extraterrestrial messages. You decide.

Jackfish Alley, Sharm el Sheikh[ac]
Underwater pictures from Ras Mohammed.

Culture Clash[ad]
One big mix.

Naama Bay[ae]
The new market in Sharm el Sheikh.

Old Sharm[af]
No photo, five pounds!

Ras Mohammed[ag]
They say you can see the prophet's head here.

El Mercato[ah]
Your western strip mall away from your western strip mall.

Underwater Photography[ai]
Adding depth to the pictures.

Amar Sina[aj]
Egyptian villager.

Scuba diving the PADI way.

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt[al]


A Flower[am]
...with power?

A panorama of the interior of the Stephansdom Cathedral, along with some tips on how to take photos inside the building.

Kantine, MQ[ao]
I guess having the building I live in start to fall apart made me look up a bit more. This is the ceiling of the Kantine restaurant in MQ.

Death From Above[ap]
The house is falling apart.

Sharpest Aperture[aq]
Selecting it matters.

Ioan Nemtoi[ar]
Glass sculptures at the Museum Quarter.

Just on the border to Lower Austria.

La Creperie[at]
Restaurant at night.

Staatsoper, Vienna[au]
Outside the opera, on a rainy evening.

Tram Party[av]
Ambulatory party on rails.

Angry, happy and sad street-art larvae.

ARN - VIE[ax]
Pictures taken aboard OS316 from Stockholm Arlanda to Vienna Schwechat.

Stockholm Light Table 3[ay]
Random pictures from Stockholm.


Vienna Light Table 3[az]
Random Pictures.

The Gasman Cometh[ba]
Achtung Gefahr!

Lainzer Tiergarten, Vienna[bb]
A wildlife preserve in Vienna.

Central Cemetery, Vienna[bc]
The Vienna central cemetery.

More High Dynamic Range[bd]
More higher dynamic range: Results of using hugin and Panoramatools to to HDR blends.


Kurpark Oberlaa, Wien[be]
Visit to Oberlaa Kurpark.

A Stream for All Seasons[bf]
Igelbäcken seen during four seasons in one picture.

A Tree for All Seasons[bg]
Photographs of a tree that I pass every day on my way to work.

Stockholm Light Table 2[bh]
Random pictures from Stockholm.

More examples of how to take a wider view of things. Photos stiched into panoramas.

Use of Hugin and PanoramaTools to turn some old photos into panoramas.


London Light Table 2[bk]
Random pictures from my London visit 22-27 February, 2007.

Paddington Station[bl]

Holland Park[bm]
Wildlife, fountains and a Japanese garden.

Portobello Road[bn]
Market Street.

Regent's Park[bo]

The original trendy area - accept no substitutes.

A very popular name, or so it is rumored.

Tower Bridge[br]
Not the London Bridge.

30 St. Mary Axe[bs]
Towering Innuendo.

Death Again[bt]
Happens with disturbing regularity.

Kvarte, Croatia[bu]
It may be smaller than Perušić, but it is a whole lot easier to spell, if you have to write in ISO-8859-1 encoding.

Perušić, Croatia[bv]
Walking down the road from Kvarte to the nearest town.

Zagreb, Croatia[bw]
Things change in 13 years.

Val Thorens Light Table[bx]
Random images that didn't quite fit in anywhere else.

Val Thorens, Friday[by]
All good things and all that.

Val Thorens, Thursday[bz]
Picnic time.


Val Thorens, Wednesday[ca]

Val Thorens, Tuesday[cb]
Round and round and round...

Val Thorens, Monday[cc]
I love Mondays.

Val Thorens, Sunday[cd]
Going there and getting there.

Vienna Light Table 2[ce]
Random pictures from Vienna.

Museums of Art and Natural History

Fortress Hohensalzburg[cg]
More pictures from the fort.

Salzburg's most famous son.